Reminder: Wunderlist to be retired on March 6 2020

Now that we’re now two days away, Microsoft is now sending emails to Wunderlist users notifying that it will shut down Wunderlist on March 6 and that it’s easier for users to import all your lists from Wunderlist to Microsoft To-Do.

We have some important news for you. Wunderlist is shutting down on May 6th, 2020. We hope that our new app, Microsoft To Do, will become the new home for all your lists and tasks. It’s built by the Wunderlist team and available for free on Android , iOS , Windows , Mac and web.

Wunderlist, which is a could-based task management app, was acquired by Microsoft back in 2015. The company later in 2017 announced that it would eventually shut down Wunderlist in favor of Microsoft To-Do. Microsoft made it official last December.

While Wunderlist will be no more from March 6, users will be able to enjoy equal, if the not better experience with Microsoft To-Do as behind the scene the same Wunderlist developer team is also working on Microsoft To-Do.

Based on the feedback from Wunderlist users, Microsoft has made several changes and additions to the To-Do app experience. For example, the latest design of the To-Do app looks and feels similar to Wunderlist. In addition to all the features that were available on Wunderlist, the Microsoft To-Do app comes with several brand new features such as My Day, Planned Lists, Dark mode, list groups, Planner and Outlook integration and more.

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